The Black Students’ Association (BSA) is a collective of dedicated University of Toronto students. It is our mission to promote community interaction among African, African-Canadian, and African-Caribbean students at the University of Toronto.

The BSA operates under the vision of promoting education, experience and increasing social empowerment of our community within the University of Toronto and beyond. We have a variety of events ranging from fashion shows, music nights, political debates, reading week trips, and high school conferences.

Current Executive Team

President: M’kaylah Fridal

Vice President: Lisean Henry

Administrative Director: Myriam Dioubaté

Public Relations Director: Nia Bethel-Sears

Financial Director: Brunelle Kama-Divava

Co-Education Directors: Gutana Guysa & Onyx Walker

Co-Political Directors: Matthew Campbell-Williams & Mahlet Tilahun

Social Director: Shedaine Bernard

Media Director: Dequiera Atherton

First Year Representative: Rais Clarke-Mendes

Contact Us

Find us on Facebook:

Find us on Twitter:!/_BSAUofT



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